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Villa Las Brujas

Villa Las Brujas Hotel is a marvellous choice for vacationers seeking a laid-back, unpretentious à la carte hotel on a lovely beach. The Villa las Brujas is located within a pure and natural setting, about an hour's drive from Santa Clara at "Cayo Las Brujas". It’s the only budget hotel on Cayo Las Brujas; the other keys are all dominated by large all-inclusive resorts.

Large View of the Beach

Villa Las Brujas it’s located in Periquillo Tip, next to a wide fringe of sand of almost two kilometres of beach. The beach is never crowded, as the small hotel has it all to itself. Apart from a handful of sun lounges and thatched beach umbrellas, the beach is pure, untouched and spotlessly clean.

The marina is nearby and handy for anyone wishing to take advantage of the superb scuba diving or angling possibilities. A highlight is the open-air restaurant “El Farallon”, overlooking the sands. It serves a simple menu of creole and continental cuisines, burgers, and seafood.

Marina Aerial View

This is a unique and exclusive place, perfect for those seeking relaxation, swimming in the sea, and other water activities such as diving and fishing. It’s a good option for those wanting somewhere quiet and to get away from the larger all-inclusive resorts. May and June are worst for mosquitos.


Set amid the country’s most exotic flora and fauna and overlooking the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, this is the perfect spot to get away from it all. You’ll enjoy utmost privacy in your timber retreat, so take the weight off, kick back and be lulled by the hush of the waves below.

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